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The Start Of Yardley

The House of Yardley comes into existence when young William Yardley acquires concession rights from King Charles 1st to manufacture and sell Lavender soaps in London. Sadly, this enterprise’s particulars were lost in the Great Fire of London in 1666 except one important detail – Yardley soaps were perfumed by Lavender.

Soap & Perfumery Business

The soap and perfumery business now known as Yardley London, was established by the Cleaver family in the City of London.

Yardley & Statham

Through astute business and a convenient marriage the Yardley family once again becomes involved in this operation. Charles, the son of William Yardley establishes Yardley & Statham.

Signature Scent

Yardley launches its signature scent – English Lavender, which continues to be the most preferred fragrance till date.

The First Export

Yardley exports its first products to USA – a range of lavender soaps.

Yardley & Co. Ltd

Business booms and the company renames as Yardley & Co. Ltd.

Leading Soap & Perfumery House

Yardley & Co Ltd becomes known as one of the world’s leading soap and perfumery houses after it starts trading under its own name.

New Bond Street

Yardley opens its flagship shop on 8 New Bond Street. It becomes a London landmark.

The First Ad

Yardley uses advertising and publicity techniques way ahead of it’s time, by adopting Francis Wheatley’s Flower-Sellers group painting as it’s trademark, which is one of the 14 known “Cries of London”. Yellow primroses sold in baskets were replaced by lavender becoming synonymous with Yardley.

First Royal Warrant

Yardley receives its first royal warrant and is appointed as perfumers and fine soap makers to HRH The Prince of Wales.

Discovery of Lavandula Angustifolia

John H.Seager is commissioned to scour the globe for the most sought after Lavender. It leads to discovery of Lavandula Angustifolia – specially grown for Yardley in South of England and forms the basis of Yardley’s signature Lavender.

The Royal Appointment

Receives a Royal Appointment as Perfumer to HM Queen Mary.

The Royal Appointment

Royal Appointment as Purveyors of soap to HM King George VI.

Yardley Y Launch

Yardley ‘Y’ launched – a range of men’s toiletries, directed at the increasingly fashion conscious male.

The Royal Appointment

Royal Appointment as Manufacturers of soap to HM Queen Elizabeth II.

The Royal Appointment

Royal Appointment as Perfumers and manufacturers to HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

The London Look

Yardley creates the signature “London Look” of the 60’s and is a symbol of “Swinging London” associated with the British youth culture. British model Twiggy becomes the face of Yardley cosmetics and fronts Yardley’s advertising campaign.

Team BRM

The House of Yardley sponsors BRM team of Formula 1 Grand Prix, covering the cars in white with black, brown and gold ‘Y’s’ reflecting the motto of Yardley’s range of men’s toiletries.

The Royal Appointment

Royal Appointment as Manufactures of Toilet Preparations to HRH The Prince of Wales.

Wipro Acquisition

Wipro acquires Yardley Asian and Middle Eastern rights.

Wipro Acquisition

Wipro acquires UK and Europe rights. Today, Yardley London embodies this rich and wonderful heritage with pride. It continues to create exquisite luxury items for discerning customers the world over, carrying on a tradition and lineage that other perfumery houses can only aspire to.